Central MN Aerospace Medicine

What to Bring

1. Picture ID (ie Driver's license, passport).

2. Your current medical certificate.

3. Glasses or contacts if you wear them.

4. If anything regarding your medical history has changed since your last medcial certification exam, please bring a copy of all pertinent medical information, such as; physician office notes, lab results, consultation reports, hospital records and any procedure or operative reports.

5. If you are currently taking coumadin/warfarin, please bring a copy of your PT/INR results for the past 6 months.

6. Diabetics please bring a log of your blood sugar results, including Hemoglobin A1C for the last 3-6 months.

7. If you have a SODA(Statement of Demonstrated Ability), please bring a copy.

8. Bring a medication list including name, dosage, frequency, date prescribed and list any adverse events you have experienced.

9. If you have been granted an Authorization for Special Issuance letter from the FAA, bring a copy to your appointment.

10. Fill out FAA form 8500 on  MedXpress, print a copy and bring it with you.


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